Harumitsu and Jennyrose

My first trip to Studio Six with Harumitsu

This trip was exceptionally special for me. Not only was it my first visit to Studio Six but also my first time to Japan and traveling together with Harumitsu.

I had the most wonderful experience, filled with plenty of laughter and tears. Tears, whether from the overwhelming feeling of gratitude and happiness or from the frustrations of learning and being challenged.

More importantly, I learnt to be a better rope bottom for Harumitsu and more so, I learnt so much more about myself that I would treasure for years to come.

Hashira futomomo at Studio Six, Tokyo
Hashira futomomo by Harumitsu, photo by Mr. Wang

Throughout the two weeks when we were there, I was very fortunate to be able to watch Osada Steve sensei tie several local models with his ‘magical hands’. Being able to see each and every one of these beautiful girls sink into his ropes, thoroughly exposing their emotions and hearts to us was very ‘heart warming’.

To add to the experience, it was nice bumping into some other fellow riggers and models whom we’ve known through the help of social media.

Kinbaku salon, studio six
Photo bombing isbh, Ropework by subay, Photo by Harumitsu

I cannot thank Harumitsu enough for bringing me along, looking after me and tying me every single day even though I was misbehaving, oh so often! I do hope that I will be able to tag along next time.

Single ankle suspension at Studio Six, by Harumitsu
Single ankle suspension by Harumitsu, Photo by Mr. Wang



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