My Lastest Tokyo Trip

I recently returned from my fifth trip to Tokyo. The trip was primarily for rope tuition at Osada Ryu.
I was lucky enough to arrive in Tokyo on a Monday night. This meant that I was able to attend Kinbaku Salon at Studio Six. This event runs each Monday night and is for rope enthusiasts to enjoy free tying and to view others tying. It seems Studio Six is a great meeting place for rope lovers and students from all over the world; as there were many other students visiting there from various places in the world.

Tokyo 2015 04

Saturday night welcomed the Kinbaku Live Salon where Osada Steve sensei tied for the whole evening, in front of an audience of rope enthusiasts.  Over the years I have seen Osada Steve performances on stage via internet or DVD but never in real life; so for me it was a wonderful opportunity to see this live performance. It was a pleasure to watch and to observe this master of rope working his magic on a model who was obviously in bliss!

The tuition I received from both Osada Steve sensei and Yukimura sensei this trip has given me much to absorb. Now it’s all about applying as much as I can to my rope sessions in future.
Tokyo 2015 02

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