Melbourne Rope Dojo 2015 Christmas Performance

Each year, students from the more advanced classes at Melbourne Rope Dojo (MRD) are encouraged to perform during the annual Christmas Showcase. This time round, I was lucky enough to be able to perform with Harumitsu.

Our performance was inspired by the traditional geisha training. It was said that maikos (apprentice geisha) first worked as maids, as part of their training at the Okiya (geisha house) in order to contribute to the cost of their upkeep and education.

And so, we thought it would be a great idea for Harumitsu to play an Okasan role (Geisha mother/ head of the Okiya) and for me to act as a maiko! 

If you are keen to see what we did, watch the video below. Also, feel free to head to the video page after for more of our work.

Thank you to Scott Sensei for the wonderful year of learning at the dojo and to Harumitsu always, for being the best rope Top one rope bunny could have.


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