Little Miss Bones in Purple Ropes for Domestic Violence Awareness Month

I was casually browsing through Facebook on September 30 when I saw one of my friends had posted about wearing purple lipstick on October 1 for domestic violence awareness. I know I had a purple lipstick at home, so I thought I’d definitely do it as it’s a great cause. When I got home I did a bit more reading on the Purple Ribbon campaign, as I was only really familiar with White Ribbon, which Australia’s campaign to prevent men’s violence against women. The Purple Ribbon campaign is where you wear a purple ribbon, or purple colours, to end all interpersonal violence. This campaign really struck a cord with me, as while I am a strong advocate for the White Ribbon campaign, the Purple Ribbon is all-inclusive and focuses not only on violence against women, but everyone in the community. I personally know people who have been in domestic violence situations in the past, including myself, however not all of them are women, in fact quite a significant amount of them are men. All these people are a big part of my life, and so I decided to wear purple almost every day through October to help raise awareness for this fantastic campaign.

Harumitsu sent me a message a few days into October, after seeing my posts on Instagram (GeishaLiss) about the campaign and wanted to help me out with some more photos. Fortunately, a student from Melbourne Rope Dojo had kindly offered to lend her some purple rope after informing them about the cause. I agreed immediately and we started planning our next session.

So many people have told me that considering my history with domestic violence, my participation in Shibari confuses them.
Having been in an abusive relationship in the past, it isn’t easy for me to put myself into a position of vulnerability. I’ve been getting tied by Harumitsu for 2 and a half years now, and in that entire time she has always helped me feel safe. Whether it’s being a ‘bunny’ in class at the Melbourne Rope Dojo or being suspended from the beautiful bamboo in her studio, I am always safe. Our sessions are fun, relaxed but have moments of quiet intimacy. I feel safe and I trust Harumitsu completely. The purple rope session was no different, and we spent a good amount of time during the session talking about the images and the campaign.




For me, Shibari is never sexual. Although it is used in BDSM frequently, sexual relief is not what I get from my sessions with Harumitsu. What I get is the ability to let go and let someone else take control, which allows me to get out of my ever-racing mind for a while – something that only a very small handful of activities can do for me. Being tied by Harumitsu is something that I always look forward to, and afterwards I always come home feeling relaxed and calm.

Many BDSM activities are criticized for being abusive, which I believe is unfair. As long as all partners are consenting and kept safe, there is nothing wrong with a healthy sex life and exploring BDSM.

These images were created with love, and to raise awareness of those suffering in silence at the hands of their loved ones.

Little Miss Bones

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