Jennyrose’s Interview with SimplySxy

A few weeks back, I was approached by the SimplySxy team to do an interview about rope modelling.

Below is a snippet of the interview. Click here to head to SimplySxy’s website for the full version.

Thank you.


Jennyrose Rope model

Where did your interest in Shibari and Kinbaku come from?

I’ve always been really fascinated with the idea of bondage and restraint even since I knew its existence. It was only from the recent years did I have the urge to learn how to safely self-tie and self suspend did I come across Melbourne Rope Dojo, where they taught Shibari and Kinbaku. The more I learnt about it, the more I fell in love with it as I felt like it was something that I could deeply relate it.

What runs through your mind and how do you feel when you are tied up?

It depends on the scene and the moment. I don’t really think much.

When I’m tied up, it normally feels tight (because that is how I like it) and snuggly and my all senses would amplify.

It also depends on the intention of my rope top, whether it is just a practice tie or if she wants to communicate to me via rope. If it’s the latter, I normally get into this headspace where it feels like there’s no one else in the room but just her and I. Sometimes she’ll make me feel more uncomfortable, by manoeuvring or tightening the ropes to add some discomfort but other times, it can be soft, sensual and intimate. Depending on the intensity of the scene or if I’m being suspended, I can fall into a deep sinking feeling and just space out.

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