bamboo splits suspension

Bamboo Splits Suspension with Jennyrose

I remember being really impressed with Harumitsu’s bamboo suspension set up when I first saw it at her’s, and being a pole dancer/ aerialist, my first instinct and urge was to do an inverted splits on it. I showed her similar pictures of myself on different apparatuses to convince her that I was physically capable of doing it. Luckily enough, she was keen to do it 🙂

It was October the 24th 2014, a late Friday afternoon with a beautiful sunset when we started. I had the pleasure to work with both Harumitsu and Chris Wheeler who did the rope work, and also to Steve who helped out with the lifting!

Here are the final images produced by the photographer.

bamboo splits suspension

bamboo splits suspension

Admittedly, I was a bit sore the next day having to hold my splits for that long throughout the whole process. But considering it was only my second rope suspension I have ever done, I was quite pleased with how it turned out!

It was a such great team effort and I do look forward to doing it again.

Thank you


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