Always a naughty school girl

Harumitsu and I first met photographer Tom_Smith and his partner, Kitty_Smith at the last Rope Bite event that we went to together. This time round, she invited them over during the long holiday weekend to watch and capture us do some rope.

That afternoon, we did two different suspensions with me in my new kimonos. I loved the physical challenge from both suspensions, even when I felt like vomiting during face down one due to my heavy lunch!

I was also very happy when Harumitsu pulled out her school chair and desk for a schoolgirl/teacher role play. I never get tired of school girl role playing with Harumitsu. I must admit that acting as a school girl is something that seems to come out quite naturally for me. But what made me more excited that day was when Harumitsu got all dressed up for the teacher role 🙂

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