About Harumitsu


When Yukimura Sensei presented me with my bakushi name ‘Harumitsu’ last year, I thought that it was about time I started taking my interest in my own Shibari history more seriously. Don’t get me wrong, I am usually way too serious about pretty much everything, including rope, but a website seemed an efficient way of record keeping my rope journey.

I was very lucky to find Jenny via Instagram late last year and was excited when she accepted an invitation to be tied. Since that day we have formed a close rope relationship and personal friendship that I value a great deal. JennyRosehas put many hours into this site. I am not so computer savvy so when Jenny offered to help out with the site layout, I happily accepted. I wish to thank Jenny both for the hard work she has put into this site, her positive influence in my life and for being an amazing model to tie.

Harumitsu.com.au will be a record of my learning, travels, rope related blog, casual snapshots and photoshoots; any and all related to rope. This site will include regular updates from Jenny and myself, our photoshoots and other rope projects that I am involved in. It will also show record of various models that I have tied in the past and I look forward to collaborating with models, rope artists, artists and photographers in future. Such is life this will be an ever evolving work in progress.

I hope you enjoy.

Thank you.



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